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H.urna is a free web-based platform for understanding and teaching science at any age. It is articulated around interactives animations and visualizers allowing to see algorithms, data structures, maths, physics, etc. Anywhere there is code or symbols that need understanding.


The main idea is that everyone can understand anything and that everything may be learned. H.urna delivers science insights to every one in a fun, creative and interactive way.

H.urna in a few words...

Illustrated Courses

H.urna screenshot - globo in mazes

H.urna aims to share scientific knowledge with our illustrated publications accessible to all. Our courses are explained simply, in a fun way, with pedagogy and without boredom.

Interactive visualizations

H.urna screenshot - globo in mazes

H.urna transforms algorithms, mathematics and other abstract objects into animations and interactive objects. Visualization exploits the visual system which makes the cognitive process more efficient to facilitate learning and discoveries.

Virtual Teacher - AI

H.urna - Virtual Teacher - AI

Free 24 hour access to our virtual teacher Globo (IA) guiding you step by step in the resolution of your mathematical exercises. It allows you to view and verify your calculations with explanations.

But also

Learning Games

H.urna Games - learning programmation online challenges

Mainly destined for youths and aspiring developer, H.urna games are dedicated to learning programming through online challenges.

Helping Community

H.urna screenshot - Helping Community

Hurna Community is an open platform to talk about science. The community allows people to ask questions, get answers, get help, share discoveries, ideas, techniques, and stories.

Open Source Code

H.urna - Open Source Codes

Have great open source materials that allows you from improving your coding skills to building your own best quality software and workflow with no proprietary dependencies nor costs.

And much more...


Who is it for?


Instructors, Researchers, Students, Teachers.

Just telling 'how it works' is not always enough to get your ideas across. Being able to reveal what is behind the code or symbols helps to transfer knowledge.

Self / Parents

Coding-Entthusiasts, Curious, Self-Educated, Parents, Tutors

Enjoy a real online playground for Discovering, Learning, Playing at your own pace and conduct further investigations with your creativity.

Be involved in your loved one's education to be able to support them academically and have fun together.


Candidates, Formers, Publishers, Teams, Recruiters

Simulating and visualizing is a key for your teams to integrate, communicate and share better.

Use meaningful images and animations for your presentations, documentations and bug tracking workflow.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost? Do I need a license?

H.urna basics is and always will be free of charge. It will relies on an association that promotes education everywhere; you don’t need any license to use H.urna basics in your school, home, or anywhere else.

What are the requirements?

Material: Nothing to download, install or upgrade, simply go to the platform with a relatively recent web browser.

Knowledges: There is no supposed knowledge required to use H.urna. You can get started by watching an introduction tour or going to the courses.

What can I do with?

H.urna is not just a pre-made visualizations wiki website, but a way of learning with visual and interactive models. It gives alternatives to understand every aspect of concepts and sharing them with others. Courses and pedagogical materials are also available and free to use.

What's next?

The platform and community is still under construction and there are a number of obvious enhancements H.urna is looking forward to being developed. Let us know via the contact page or Community what you would prefer or suggest for future versions.

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