Here's a development situation that often happens: I'm trying to track down a bug but it is quite elusive. In order to aid in my detective work, I put in a few debug commands and a few print statements.

All of these debugging / print statements are in their own commits. Finally I track down the bug, fix it, and rejoice!

Only problem is that I now need to get my bugFix back into the master branch. If I simply fast-forwarded master, then master would get all my debug statements which is undesirable. There has to be another way...

We need to tell git to copy only one of the commits over. This is just like the levels earlier on moving work around -- we can use the same commands:

git rebase -i
git cherry-pick
This is a later level so we will leave it up to you to decide which command you want to use, but in order to complete the level, make sure master receives the commit that bugFix references.