Interested in learning Git? Well you have come to the right place! "Learn Git Branching" (original source: PCottle) is the most visual and interactive way to learn Git online. You will be challenged with exciting levels, given step-by-step demonstrations of powerful features, and maybe even have a bit of fun along the way.

Its primary purpose is to help developers understand git through the power of visualization (something that is absent when working on the command line). This is achieved through a game with different levels to get acquainted with the different git commands.

You can input a variety of git commands as commands are processed, the nearby commit tree will dynamically update to reflect the effects of each command.

This visualization combined with tutorials and "levels" can help both beginners and intermediate developers polish their version control skills.

If you are a beginner, just go ahead and start with the first. If you already know some Git basics, try some of our later more challenging levels.

Here is a list of helpful commands to handle the editor:

Command Description
levels See the challenges and which ones you have solved so far.
Press 'esc' to close the window.
objective Get description of the current challenge.
Press 'esc' to close the window.
hint Gives you a hint
show goal Show the target graph (visible by default)
hide goal Close the target graph (visible by default)
reset Reset the current git tree
clear Clear the console
show commands See all the commands available
See all challenges and descriptions.
Start solving the challenges.
To go to the bare git editor: Online Git Visualizer