If you have not completed Juggling Commits #1 (the previous level), we recommend to do so before continuing.

As you saw in the last level, we used rebase -i to reorder the commits. Once the commit we wanted to change was on top, we could easily --amend it and re-order back to our preferred order.

The only issue here is that there is a lot of reordering going on, which can introduce rebase conflicts. Let's look at another method with git cherry-pick.

Remember that git cherry-pick will plop down a commit from anywhere in the tree onto HEAD (as long as that commit is not an ancestor of HEAD).

Before the cherry-pick

Git before cherry-pick bugFix

git cherry-pick C2

After the cherry-pick

Git after cherry-pick bugFix

Nice! Let's move on.

So in this level, let's accomplish the same objective of amending C2 once but avoid using rebase -i. I'll leave it up to you to figure it out! :D